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Hyperion SDK functional and architectural roadmap

Beta - Sprint 1
  1. in the CMS (Source.Applications.WebMedia.Media.Content.Management) implement the validation of a section using the Validation SDK
  2. public front-end (public website) managed by Silverlight Content Management System (CMS)
  3. authentication on SL4 CMS using CodePlex security (so it's possible to use CodePlex account)
  4. authentication on SL4 CMS using Windows Live ID
  5. creation of tests database using NHibernate without need to manually create it, at the moment only for SqlCe 4 and SqlServer
  6. integrate StyleCop into the build process using MSBuild
Beta - Sprint 2
  1. using ConfORM project to build NHibernate configuration
  2. adoption of NHibernate 3 Alpha 2 (or newest release)
  3. using RAM disk to create SqlCe 4 or SqlLite database for unit tests SL4 CMS
  4. cover most of code with unit tests to augment the code coverage
  5. calculate and publish the code metrics on the solution
Beta - Sprint 3
  1. delete the DataContext into DAL and replace it using Repository pattern
  2. use NHibernate 2nd level cache
  3. study the adoption of Windows Server AppFabric (Code-name, Microsoft: Velocity) as 2nd level cache for ORM (Wiki)
  4. use Google OAuth to provide users authentication
  5. fix all Project - Silverlight CMS bugs and implement UI and server validation
  6. improve deploy mechanism to use SqlServer on local machine and to attach to production database
Beta - Sprint 4
  1. Allow to insert custom element in a shared XSD
    Argument: XS Roadmap
    1. Roadmap
    2. XSLT to publish on CodePlex
    3. XSLT to publish on HSDK Project - Media.Public
    4. XSLT on Project - Media.Public and use jquery TreeView plugin
    Argument: XS BackLog
    1. Finish ASAP
    2. Inifinite hierarchicals "Area"
    3. Changes "everywhere"
    Argument: XS Bibliografy
    1. Add Tag element
    2. Enable CodePlex and Wiki elements into resource
    3. Sub hierarchical
Beta - Sprint 5
    Argument: Solution ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
    1. Fix projects versioning
    2. Create build project
    3. StyleCop
    4. Modify HSDK.AssemblyInfo
    5. Target for each project that update AssemblyInfo of modified project
Beta - Sprint 6
    Argument: Silverlight CMS
    1. Enable SignOut button, show the Login form
    2. Show "neutral" form under the Login form (not the SectionContent view)
    3. Enable the BusyIndicator for each long/asynchronous operation
    4. Show message on the BusyIndicator to
    5. Prevent interaction with UI during BusyIndicator visualization
    Argument: SectionContent
    1. Keyword control must be a fix TextBox width that will expand during inserting with plus button inside
    2. Make the "+" button of keywords green
    3. Make the "X" button of keywords red
    4. Validation: implement IDataErrorInfo in a ValidationViewModel using Project - Validation.Sdk
    5. Add/Remove SectionContent
    Argument: Silverlight CMS Theming
    1. Fix return to "Default" theme
    2. Use converter to set theme
    3. Delete View reference in ApplicationViewModel (IApplicationView) and remove VS project
Beta - Sprint 7
  1. Manage by domain (multiple domains for each portal)
  2. Create CodePlex publishing module of contents using MetaWebLog API
    Argument: Document management
    1. Associate XSD and XSLT to SectionContent
    2. Manage of documents
    3. CRUD on XSD using the Project - Media.Cms.Web
    4. CRUD on XSLT
    5. Associate XSD and XSLT to SectionContent

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