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Beta 1.0 [15 Sept 2010]

  1. in the CMS (Source.Applications.WebMedia.Media.Content.Management) implement the validation of a section using the Validation SDK
  2. public front-end (public website) managed by HSDK Silverlight Content Management System (CMS)
  3. authentication on HSDK SL4 CMS using CodePlex security (so is possible to use CodePlex account)
  4. authentication on HSDK SL4 CMS using Windows Live ID
  5. public authentication on the public website and on HSDK CMS creating a SqlCe 4 database on the fly for each authenticated user
  6. creation of tests database using NHibernate without need to manually create it, at the moment only for SqlCe 4 and SqlServer
  7. integrate StyleCop into the build process using MSBuild
  8. implement custom StyleCop rules to assure that all code respects the programming standard and quality required from Eye.Soft

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