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What is

Hyperion Software developement Kit (aka HSDK) is a collection of components created to assist developers in their daily activities while developing enterprise solutions.

It contains the following parts:
  • Source code, includes the source code for all the SDKs and the core infrastructures.
  • Unit tests, includes the unit tests that were created while the SDKs were being developed.
  • Documentation, includes guidance about how to use the SDks, a class library reference and SandCastle project for MSDN style online documentation.
  • Samples, includes samples that shows the main functionalities of the SDKs.
  • Tools, includes tools to increase productivity and maintain high quality in the code.
  • Third parts library, HSDK includes all the third party libraries used by the code.
  • Configuration, configuration files used for the development.

How To Start


Snippets, code and configuration.


Functional and architectural roadmap, explaining which features are implemented and will be available in future.

Use Cases

This section lists common scenarios solved by Hyperion SDK and provides you code snippets that can be easily used in your own application.


Bibliography, resources used during project development and growing.


BackLog, user stories and developers tasks.

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